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Community is Everything

 Our peer-learning methodology puts community at the centre of everything. The encouragement of collaboration over competition is felt throughout every aspect of campus life, resulting in a more holistic approach to coding education that has seen connection on our campus thrive.

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Where Should You Learn to Code; University, Bootcamp, or 42 Berlin?

Should you enrol at University? Is an intensive bootcamp the way to go? Or is 42 Berlin the new home for your learning? 

We sat down with some students who have experience in the respective options to tell us some defining features that may be a make or break when it comes to deciding which one is for you. Let’s go!

#Algorave in the 42 Berlin Spaceship

In April 2023, prospective students and guests of 42 Berlin entered the enchanting world of composer and programmer Alexandra Cárdenas, a live coding artist whose work focuses on the algorithmic behaviour of music. The concert took place at the 42 Berlin campus in Neukölln and contained a novel listening experience: Alexandra presented an hour-long, live coding performance in which concertgoers watched and heard how music is created through algorithms in real time.

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